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MovieBox Apk 2019 Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

MovieBox Apk – An application which helps you to stream all the latest movies and shows. It has the daily updating and excellent user interface which helps you to download or watch the movies online. The movies are categorized very efficiently so the user can see their desired shows at anytime and anywhere. As this is the most popularly used Apk for streaming movies online people have the questions regarding the usage of the application. Few among them are discussed with appropriate answers. So the below content that is MovieBox Apk Faq’s may help you in resolving your queries. For more you can let us know by commenting in the comment section addressed below.

Frequently Asked Questions On MovieBox Apk

FAQ 1: Can we save the movies offline?

Ans – Yes, we can save the movies with just one click. Select the movie and click offline and it will be added into your offline section.

FAQ 2: Is MovieBox Apk 2019 ads free?

Ans – Yes, this movie streaming Apk is free of Ads. You can watch the content without any breaks.

FAQ 3: Does MovieBox Apk available for windows?

Ans – This Apk is available for your windows, laptops, and Smartphones. There are different versions for all these. Choose according to your requirement.

FAQ 4: How can we get the subtitles to the videos?

Ans – Download the subtitle files of the videos and open the video and add the respected subtitle file.

Top Faq’s On Moviebox pk 2019

MovieBox Apk Download
MovieBox Apk Download

FAQ 5: What are the different genres on the MovieBox?

Ans – There are many genres in this Apk. It contains Action, Crime, Horror, Romance, Thriller and many others.

FAQ 6: How many languages of movies do this Apk contains?

Ans – It has all the regional and international movies and shows. MovieBox contains content from all over the world.

FAQ 7: Can we download MovieBox from play store?

Ans – No, we cannot download this Apk from Google Play-store or App store.

MovieBox Apk – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 8: Does MovieBox Apk 2019 need any login or registration?

Ans – No, this Apk does not ask for any login. We can skip this step and continue streaming movies and it does not have any premiums.

FAQ 9: How to solve the updating issues?

Ans – You can solve this by clearing the cache and data of the application in the settings of your device.

FAQ 10: How to get rid of loosing connection issue?

Ans – Reinstall the MovieBox Apk and free some memory in your device and check the internet connection.


We have listed the most asked enquirers on MovieBox Apk and their solutions too. Check above and solve the issues and enjoy movies without any breaks. Hope MovieBox Apk Faqs helps all the MovieBox users to clear their queries while using this fantastic and awesome application on their devices. Also, check few more details about the application on

ShowBox Faqs

ShowBox 2019 Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ For Show Box App

Showbox is listed as one of the topmost online streaming apps on Android and IOS devices. It services are used by millions of people and are virus free. There is no need for any login details and registrations to use the app. Whenever the user wants to watch movies, videos, audios and many more, they can just open the app and search for the favorite list and enjoy watching them. even using the app, we can download the files of high-quality resolution. Only one thing is necessary to use Showbox App on your Android device and that is the best internet connection.

ShowBox 2019 Frequently Asked Questions

By using this application, the user sometimes faces some problems. No need to worry the developers of the app are there to help you out in such cases. You can find help option in the app menu. Whenever you seek help or need anything, the user can just click on to help button on the application. As it is user-friendly, they can solve the issues and make you free from that. To make a little bit faster, we are here with some Frequently asked questions about the app. This makes you feel comfortable and is simple to access.

Whoever using the ShowBox App can check out this FAQ. Surely this will help you out in a few cases. Now we are here providing with some questions and also answers on how to resolve the issues. The app users can make a look over that.

ShowBox Faqs

ShowBox Faq’s

FAQ – 1

What Type Of Movies Are Listed In Showbox?

Ans: There is a huge bundle of movies listed in genre-wise. They sorted movies into genres like Love, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Cartoon, Crime and many more. Based on once interest, you can check it out and play accordingly.

FAQ – 2

Is Showbox 2019 available on Play Store?

Ans: Yes, it is available on play store. To make it easier we have provided it on our website. Just in one click, you can download it on your device. But in play store latest versions are not available. You have to download Showbox Apk from unknown sources. It is safe to use and has no virus attack.

FAQ – 3

How to resolve disconnection of the Showbox app in middle?

Ans: Firstly, you have to check whether your internet connection is working properly or not. Later you have to check the speed of the Internet. Though it is not resolving, then you have to reinstall the app from your smartphone device and clear all the cache memory.

Check out FAQ’s For Showbox

FAQ – 4

Is the Showbox app free?

Ans: Yes, it is absolutely free of cost. The user need not pay the single penny from their pockets.

FAQ – 5

Is Showbox available for Chrome book?

Ans: Yes, it is available. You have to follow some steps to download and install the app on Chromebook.

FAQ – 6

Can I Have Subtitles While Using Showbox?

Ans: Yes you can have but you have to download subtitles track separately and attach while playing the videos on the app.

FAQ -7

Is it safe to use on our devices?

Ans: Of course, it is safe to use on all your devices.

FAQ – 8

Why the app gets stuck in the middle while watching a video?

Ans: This is due to server issue. If many users use the app at a time, it will show this error. But in new version, the bugs are cleared.

Frequently Asked Questions For ShowBox In Help Menu

FAQ – 9

When any updating issues arise, what we have to do?

Ans: If this problem arises while using the Showbox app, then you need to clear the cache memory.

FAQ – 10

Is it legal to use Showbox app?

Ans: Yes, it is 100% legal to use the app on all your devices.

FAQ – 11

Apart from movies what we can see using this application?

Ans: Not only movies, but the user can also watch Tv shows, Tv serials, music, and many more. You can also upload any video of yours which you think it is private.

FAQ – 12

Is there any option of saving the files offline?

Ans: Yes, this option is available in the app. You can select the video and click on save offline button.

FAQ’s For Showbox App

All the users who are using this application can check out this. We have provided some frequently asked questions related to the app. So one can make a look over to that. Hope this content helps you. You can share this information to your friends, family and more. Stay tuned for more information and updates on our page. Also, check Showbox Errors.