MovieBox Apk 2019 Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

MovieBox Apk – An application which helps you to stream all the latest movies and shows. It has the daily updating and excellent user interface which helps you to download or watch the movies online. The movies are categorized very efficiently so the user can see their desired shows at anytime and anywhere. As this is the most popularly used Apk for streaming movies online people have the questions regarding the usage of the application. Few among them are discussed with appropriate answers. So the below content that is MovieBox Apk Faq’s may help you in resolving your queries. For more you can let us know by commenting in the comment section addressed below.

Frequently Asked Questions On MovieBox Apk

FAQ 1: Can we save the movies offline?

Ans – Yes, we can save the movies with just one click. Select the movie and click offline and it will be added into your offline section.

FAQ 2: Is MovieBox Apk 2019 ads free?

Ans – Yes, this movie streaming Apk is free of Ads. You can watch the content without any breaks.

FAQ 3: Does MovieBox Apk available for windows?

Ans – This Apk is available for your windows, laptops, and Smartphones. There are different versions for all these. Choose according to your requirement.

FAQ 4: How can we get the subtitles to the videos?

Ans – Download the subtitle files of the videos and open the video and add the respected subtitle file.

Top Faq’s On Moviebox pk 2019

MovieBox Apk Download
MovieBox Apk Download

FAQ 5: What are the different genres on the MovieBox?

Ans – There are many genres in this Apk. It contains Action, Crime, Horror, Romance, Thriller and many others.

FAQ 6: How many languages of movies do this Apk contains?

Ans – It has all the regional and international movies and shows. MovieBox contains content from all over the world.

FAQ 7: Can we download MovieBox from play store?

Ans – No, we cannot download this Apk from Google Play-store or App store.

MovieBox Apk – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 8: Does MovieBox Apk 2019 need any login or registration?

Ans – No, this Apk does not ask for any login. We can skip this step and continue streaming movies and it does not have any premiums.

FAQ 9: How to solve the updating issues?

Ans – You can solve this by clearing the cache and data of the application in the settings of your device.

FAQ 10: How to get rid of loosing connection issue?

Ans – Reinstall the MovieBox Apk and free some memory in your device and check the internet connection.


We have listed the most asked enquirers on MovieBox Apk and their solutions too. Check above and solve the issues and enjoy movies without any breaks. Hope MovieBox Apk Faqs helps all the MovieBox users to clear their queries while using this fantastic and awesome application on their devices. Also, check few more details about the application on

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