Showbox Not Working Error Fixed | How To Fix Video/Server Not Available On Showbox

Showbox App used to stream movies, Tv Serials, Tv Shows, Music and many more online. We can also download the files and watch according to our wish. It is one of the best streaming app used nowadays. There are millions of people using the app presently in their smartphones. According to some reports, Showbox App is rated with 4.2 out of 5. By using this application, the user can watch movies of high-quality resolution. This application is updated regularly and the developers release latest versions with all its bugs fixed.

Showbox Not Working Error Fixed

The app is totally free of cost and there is no need for any registration. It is also user-friendly and it does not need any login credentials. Using this application user can Download whatever audio or video they want and can play according to their preference. As it is a most popular app, there are a lot of users using the app on their devices. Now the Showbox Not Working error is seen. We are here now to fix all the errors that are arisen in the app. For more details look into the article and follow the steps clearly.

Sometimes while using Showbox Apk, you can find some issues. Like URL not found, Video is unavailable, Server access denied and many more. To clear all these errors, we are here with few remedies and all are fixed instantly. Follow some methods to fix errors, bugs or issues arise in the app.

Methods To Resolve Showbox Not Working Error

The users who are using this application and are facing Showbox not working error, then no need worry. Here are some methods to overcome the issues.

Method 1 – Not Able To Download Video Files

When you are using this application, you find video and audio files are not able to download. Then you have to go to the settings menu in your mobile phone and click on manage app. Now find a Mega Box HD app and clear the cache memory. After that restart your mobile. The errors automatically arise by doing this on Showbox.

Method 2 – Showbox Server Access Denied

When you are trying to open and file using the app, then you may find server access denied. In such cases, the files you wish to watch are blocked. If you want to see or use that content, you have to move on with VPN connection. By doing this, it will connect your device with other country IP. Then you can simply watch the data you wish to watch.

How To Fix Video/Server Not Available

 showbox not working error
showbox not working error

Method 3 – Switch To Appropriate Version

If the user of Showbox App faces any issue when he downloads a new version then they have to move on with the older version. This is so because in the latest versions few errors or bugs arise due to some technical issues. In order to resolve, the user can go with the available older version. They can see that versions in the Google Play store. By updating to the older version, the issues resolve automatically.

Method 4 – Resolving Video Playback Errors

While using the app, you can see Video playback errors. That is while watching any video file on an app, you will find a few errors. To overcome this issue, the user has to stop updates from Google. This makes you resolve the bug quickly. If the problem of Showbox Not Working error continues even after stopping the updates then you have to move on with other methods. Open settings menu and then click on about phone. In that tap build version and use developer option. By doing this You can use the app happily as all the bugs get cleared.

Method 5 – Other issues

If the problem arises due to some more reasons, then the app user has to reset the application. On doing this, you can easily set free from Showbox Not Working Error.

Fix ShowBox Not Working Error

Here are some methods to resolve video/Server Not Available On Showbox. Hope the content which we have provided is useful to you. Share this with your near ones. For more updates, just stay tuned to our web portal. We will come soon with a few more updates.

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